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The tragedy of Mr Bo Xilai

The tragedy of Mr Bo Xilai Terence Shen Will Mr Bo Xilai, the son of a senior cadre fought with Deng Xiaoping side by side during the Communist revolutions, who sought leftist ideology for governance as the Party Chief of Chongqing, a mega city located in South west China, be elevated to the Standing Committee … Continue reading

Think Again: Taiwan election and China’s unification

Think Again: Taiwan election and China’s unification 2012 is far cry from a year of no significance. Within 12 months, a series of political transitions will be seen in World Powers such as United States, China, France, Russia, South Korea and more than a dozen of countries around the globe. The very first upcoming election is Taiwan Presidential and Congress election in mid-January. Duringelection season, … Continue reading

Wukan: China’s Rebel Village

A sleepy Guangdong fishing village spurs an extraordinary protest A long, unpaved rural path leads to a besieged village named Wukan, located in Shanwei city in Guangdong Province. A formerly sleepy coastal fishing village of 13,000 residents about 150 km from Hong Kong, it had never been visited before by foreigners. Now it is … Continue reading

The Scourge of Plagiarism in China

Some of the country’s top scholars are routinely caught cheating or stealing Academic plagiarism is seriously dealt with in the developed world. However in China, it is a tool to gain individual benefit and has become omnipresent in society, gravely affecting the goals the country claims to be pursuing. A disturbing number of China’s brightest … Continue reading

Farewell, Jon Huntsman

Well, obviously it would not be Mr. Jon M. Huntsman’s last speech whatsoever since it is expected that he is going to run for the U.S Presidency in the foreseeable future, but it was indeed the last speech he addresses as Washington’s ambassador to Beijing. It is interesting to note that the part of his speech could be regarded by Chinese anti-western nationalists as “intervention … Continue reading

For small high-tech firms, is now a smart time to enter China?

Introduction Is now a smart time to enter China? My answer to the question will be yes. I would like to point out three reasons why it is a good time for us to invest in China. Firstly, China’s economy is growing fast throughout last three decades and is still booming. According to China’s National … Continue reading

Not Everyone Can Be A Hero

I do not want to make my blog too political. But here is the hard fact:yesterday, Liu Xianbin, used to be a Chinese student leader during the 1989 June 4th movement, was sentenced to 10-year imprisonment on the charge of “subversion”. He has previously spent 11 years in the prison and was just set free in … Continue reading

Why Japan catastrophe means an opportunity to Canada(カナダに移住してください!)

After the temblors and ensued tsunami battered Japan’s North-eastern prefectures, the whole world bemoan the loss of thousands of lives so far on the dilapidated island and expresses the deepest sympathy for Japanese people. Until now, several nuclear reactors are still under great pressure and could be out of control anytime soon. In the aftermath, … Continue reading

Film Review: one of the greatest Chinese movies ever made

Spring in a Small Town has been regarded as one of the masterpieces of Chinese cinema. It was produced in 1948, one year before the end of civil war. The film is a beautiful artifact. The storyline is not complicated, and melancholy in part. In a dilapidated village, Yuwen is living with her tubercular husband … Continue reading

Try Another Way Around: What else you Can Talk About in China, Except Politics

The “Jasmine Revolution” in the Middle-East seemed to whip up a frenzy among the people across the globe. On February 20, 2011, around one hundred Chinese citizens gathered in Wangfujing, a shopping district in Beijing, to celebrate the victory of “Jasmine Revolution.” More than 300 police officers soon showed up at the big public party, … Continue reading