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Infographic: A Glance at Chinese State-Owned Enterprises(SOEs)

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Son’s Parties and Privilege Aggravate Fall of Elite Chinese Family

Notice to all readers: New Asia Pacific Watch launched!!! Please remember the new address: wordpress site will be abandoned soon. By ANDREW JACOBS and DAN LEVIN After a pampered childhood in the walled compounds of the Chinese capital, he was sent off for schooling in England, where he developed a reputation as an academically indifferent bon … Continue reading

Infographic: China online population behavior

Notice to all readers: New Asia Pacific Watch launched!!! Please remember the new address: wordpress site will be abandoned soon. China has about half a billion internet users, one fifth of the entire global online population. Size-wise, it is the largest. A typical Chinese internet user spends about the same amount of time online per week as a typical … Continue reading

Harbin’s crackdown on dogs

Notice to all readers: New Asia Pacific Watch launched!!! Please remember the new address: wordpress site will be abandoned soon. From Chinese websites/ Translated by The city of Harbin in northeastern Heilongjing province has enforced a new regulation that prohibits residents in the city and the townships it administers from raising 49 breeds of large, fierce and ugly … Continue reading

Corruption Nation: Why Bo Xilai Matters

by Evan Osnos In December, 2006, police in the Chinese territory of Macau arrested Ao Man Long, the region’s secretary for transport and public works, who had been collecting kickbacks over a period of seven years. Investigators found that he and his family had received more than a hundred million U.S. dollars, which he had detailed … Continue reading

Frenzied Hours for U.S. on Fate of a China Insider

By STEVEN LEE MYERS and MARK LANDLER WASHINGTON — On the evening of Feb. 6, a vice mayor of a major Chinese city who had a reputation as a crime fighter turned up at the American Consulate in Chengdu in an agitated state, telling a tale of corruption and murder that has ensnared the Obama administration in a … Continue reading

Behind China’s Big Slowdown

By Eve Cary  The Diplomat Over the past 6 months, housing prices have been falling, construction projects slowing, and the real estate market has been tapering off, primarily due to central government policies aimed at cooling the radioactive housing market. But it’s not just the real estate sector that’s seeing the effects of these policies – … Continue reading

Why China Will Have an Economic Crisis

By MICHAEL SCHUMAN | @MichaelSchuman From TIME BUSINESS PETER PARKS / AFP / GETTY IMAGES A passenger passes a photo montage of the Shanghai skyline in a subway station in Pudong, the financial district of Shanghai, on Feb. 3, 2012 The view in most of the world is that China is indestructible. Shrugging off the crises multiplying elsewhere, … Continue reading

Assessing China GDP

China GDP: how it has changed since 1980 by “The Guardian” DATA BLOG China, the second-biggest economy in the world, has announced a cut to it’s growth rate for 2012. See how China’s GDP has changed since 1980 When China cut it’s growth rate for 2012 down to 7.5%, it’s lowest rate since 2004, it signalled a move … Continue reading