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Infographic: China online population behavior

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China has about half a billion internet users, one fifth of the entire global online population. Size-wise, it is the largest. A typical Chinese internet user spends about the same amount of time online per week as a typical US internet user does. But when it comes to online behavior,  Chinese internet users have some very unique characteristics that are different from their global counterparts.

CNBeta pulled up this nice infographic decoding the online behaviors of Chinese internet users. Some key takeaways according to the data:

  • 52.1% of China’s entire population will be online by the year 2016.
  • 73.5% of China’s online population live in urban areas.
  • China’s internet penetration rate is 38.3%.
  • Chinese internet users spend an average of 18.7 hours online per week.
  • More people (415 million) use instant messengers than search engines (407 million).
  • Portal websites are more popular and more frequently-used than are search engines.
  • As of November 2011, China had 145 million online shoppers, only second to the US
  • Chinese online shoppers are VERY active, making an average of 8.4 purchases per month, almost twice as much as a typical US online shopper purchases.  
  • China will surpass the US as the largest e-commerce market by 2015. 

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