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Why Gaddafi was hated and attacked by the West—-A Chinese Explanation

I have to admit that the Chinese toally lost a sense of humour after the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) took over mainland China. “The revolution is not a dinner party”, Mao once said. He meant that the social transition or revolution has to be violent and bloody. After the dark age under Mao, Deng’s economic reform helped derailed China back on the right track. In recent years, even under scathing Internet censorship, Chinese netizens have showed their sense of humour to the world. A good example is the “Grass Mud Horse”. (Cick it to see the explantion on Wikipedia). Below is a new post I found on the Chinese version of Facebook. It is also an example of Chinese humour. Who said Chinese do not have a sense of humour?!

Why Brother Fei(Gaddafi) was hated and attacked by the West—-A Chinese explanation/ (translated from Chinese)

Do you know why Gaddafi has always been bullied?  The true reason is his clothes and appearance! He is too sparkle and fashionable  and he always shows off this coolness! He is the ” metrosexual uncle of the Century”! His cool style kills everthing!

Brother Fei(Gaddafi), we (Chinese) know that they are jealous of your coolness, and hate you because you are in fashion.  When they are wearing rigid suits and standing emotionlessly in fornt of the camera, it is your mixed gown, your swarovski’s crystal ring and Louis Vuitton or super-black sun glasses that outshined them. They wanted to be the focus, but they abase themselves, because not everyone can become a stylish metrosexual, like you!

The fashion will be fleeting, but your style will last forever!

LV Sunglasses

The Franch prime minister sarkozy was totally disregarded

Back and white fashion. anyone standing next to him is tragedy

Berlusconi was disregarded

Brother Fei, Can you be less sharp?!

He kills everthing. He felt so confortable when he's listening to simultaneous interpretation that just like he is listening to the music from MP4 player!

this photo is even better, he cosplays Karl Lagerfeld!

hope Brother Fei wins the war very soon and come to work in the fashion world.

The fashion will be fleeting, but your style will last forever!


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